Saturday, February 18, 2012

TP Roll Pots - Tutorial

With so many 're-uses' for things, I save A LOT of stuff. One thing I cringed at throwing out was toilet paper rolls... For some reason I just knew they had an ingenious purpose in a second life as a __________. [fill in the blank] I just could never think up something smart enough to justify to my mother that we really should save them.

:Meanwhile - On Pintrest:
Someone, somewhere, is a genius....

This is so easy it's not even funny. Once it has fulfilled its sacred duty, take your newly retired TP roll and cut four equally spaced slits about 1" deep on one end.

Then fold one quart of the edge over...

Then the next quarter... [sorry its blurry... New camera is on the 'wish list'; until that become a reality you'll have to suffer through the grain... again, truly sorry]

Then.. you guessed it, fold that next quarter...

And the last one...

I took empty half gal. milk cartons and cut them in 2"-3" sections and they tightly hold five little TP roll pots. Then I moisten my seed starting mix and fill the pots to the top. Place a seed or two in each pot and watch as God makes them grow!
I like to water the pots about every other day with warm water to help encourage germination, mainly because our house tends to be cooler [in some places because we heat with wood]. Once they sprout I don't water them for a few days. The cardboard retains quite a bit of moisture and if I keep them too wet the seedlings mold or rot. I like to put a fan on them to imitate wind and make the roots stronger and also to let the soil dry out a bit. They don't like to be too soggy!

Yumm, can't wait for Tomatoes this summer!!


What ideas have you discovered to re-use TP rolls??
Any clever gardening tips you'd like to share?

Have a great weekend,

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