Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The merging of me

Hello and Happy New Year to my few but important followers!!! Thank you for reading these little musings on herbs.

This post is to tell you I wont be writing from here any more! I'm merging my Herb side with my Craft side; after all, both sides are me, and both sets of business has come into being because of who I am and who Christ has made me.

So, in an effort to simplify  I am combining my Herby blog with my Crafty blog, my Herby Facebook page with my Crafty Facebook page and even my Herby skin care Etsy Shop with my Crafty Etsy Shop! Please head over to and 'follow' my meanderings from there. Not only will I post about herbs but also my craftyness and my faith and my camera and my amazing blessings.

Where I will be:!/pages/Simply-Natural-Designs/151116318278539

Thanks for everything!

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