Thursday, July 5, 2012

Contest Winners!

So sorry to all who participated in the contest for my delay in announcing a winner. The polls closed yesterday, July 4th, with three votes: all for Cleavers/Bedstraw and all of you were correct!! {give yourself a pat on the back}
Butter Pecan Biker Balm - Three Tubes - Lip Balm - by Simply Natural

Now, only two of those three contacted me with their Name/Email/Vote so my plan was to put those two names in a hat to pick the winner of the lip balm.... BUT. I've decided to let them both chose a lip balm as a thank you for participating in my first online give-away!!!

Make your selection out of the options below and send your address to my email so I can send your FREE lip balm straight to your door!!


  1. Thank You!! I just emailed you with the info.


  2. Whoops! Voted but didn't send you an email :/ congrats to the other voters!