Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September's Give-A-Way

I just reached 30 fans on my Facebook page!!! Woohoo! Way to go you guys!
Sugar Beet Watermelon - Three Tubes - Lip Balm - by Simply Natural
Now some may think that I'm over-excited; but I think its never a bad thing to be too happy. :^) With that in mind I decided to try to pass the happiness on to you with a Lip Balm give-a-way! You know the rules; and if you don't just check out the side bar on your right ----->
The polls close on Sep. 13th so meet back here to see if you're the winner!
 Spiced Chai Tea - Lip Balm - One Tube - by Simply Natural Skin
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Miss You:)
    The herb is a Blessed Thistle.